Virtual Reality Golf

About Golf

Golf remains an enduring symbol of elegance and sportsmanship, a pursuit that captivates the hearts of millions. Whether for leisurely enjoyment or competitive ambition, the game of golf continues to leave an indelible mark on those who take part in its splendid dance across the fairways and greens.

Redefining the Golfing Experience

Virtual Reality Golf has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation in the realm of sports and recreation, revolutionizing the way enthusiasts engage with the game. With the fusion of cutting-edge technology and immersive virtual environments, Virtual Reality Golf offers players an unparalleled experience that transcends traditional boundaries. This transformative concept has garnered widespread acclaim, captivating golfers of all skill levels and ushering in a new era of golfing entertainment.

At its essence, Virtual Reality Golf transports players into a virtual realm where they can experience the thrill of the game like never before. Through specialized VR headsets and motion-tracking sensors, players are immersed in stunningly realistic golf courses, complete with lush fairways, challenging hazards, and breathtaking scenery. Every swing, putt, and chip is brought to life with astonishing precision, allowing players to feel as though they are truly on the course.

One of the most captivating aspects of Virtual Reality Golf is its accessibility. Unlike traditional golf, which may require extensive travel or costly membership fees, Virtual Reality Golf can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s own home or at specialized VR arcades and entertainment venues. This accessibility democratizes the sport, making it available to a broader audience and eliminating barriers to entry for aspiring golfers.

Additionally, Virtual Reality Golf offers a level of versatility and customization that is unmatched by traditional golfing experiences. Players can choose from a variety of virtual courses, ranging from iconic championship layouts to fantasy-inspired landscapes, each offering its own unique challenges and rewards. With adjustable difficulty settings and personalized feedback, players can tailor their experience to suit their skill level and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding gameplay experience.

Beyond recreational play, Virtual Reality Golf has also proven to be a valuable tool for skill development and training. Professional golfers and amateurs alike can utilize VR technology to fine-tune their technique, analyze their swing mechanics, and simulate real-world playing conditions. With immersive practice sessions and instant feedback, players can accelerate their learning curve and elevate their performance on the course.

On top of that, Virtual Reality Golf offers a social and competitive element that adds an exciting dimension to the experience. Players can challenge friends and fellow golf enthusiasts to friendly matches or compete in virtual tournaments and leagues, all from the comfort of their own homes. With online multiplayer functionality, players can connect with others from around the world, fostering a vibrant and interconnected community of Virtual Reality Golf enthusiasts.

The immersive nature of Virtual Reality Golf also makes it an ideal platform for experiential marketing and brand engagement. Golf equipment manufacturers, apparel brands, and sponsors can create interactive VR experiences that allow consumers to test out products, explore sponsor-branded courses, and engage with branded content in a dynamic and memorable way. Virtual Reality Golf offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with consumers on a deeper level and leave a lasting impression.

To sum up everything, Virtual Reality Golf represents a paradigm shift in the world of golf, offering players an unprecedented level of immersion, accessibility, and customization. With its realistic virtual environments, versatile gameplay options, and social connectivity features, Virtual Reality Golf has redefined the golfing experience for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual enthusiast, Virtual Reality Golf invites you to step into a world of endless possibilities and discover the thrill of golfing in a whole new way.

The Process

1. Buy a qualifying shot package from our website  or via the apps available on Android and Apple.
2. Login or Create a TrackMan Account and accept the invite to the event in my tournaments.
3. Scan your phone at the TrackMan sim venue to enter and hit your five qualifying shots, with your best shot going on the weekly and global leaderboard.
4.The weekly winners each month will compete for a cash prize in a 1 shot playoff.
5. Move up the Global leaderboard. You can qualify every week.
6. The Top 100 on the Global leader board at the cut off date then have a 1 shot playoff to make the top 50.
7. The top 50 will the have a 1 shot playoff to make the top 10 for the Miami Finals.

A Closest To The Pin Competition With $10 Million On The Line!

Imagine the thrill of winning a fully paid trip to Miami for the Finals, where you’ll have the incredible opportunity to take the shot in person and compete for the astonishing $10 Million USD

How To Play

Download App

Participants downloads APP from iOS/Android

Buy Packages

Participants pay $10 for 5 shots and receive their Trackman tournament invite within 12 hours.

Take Qualifying Shots @ A Trackman Venue

Download the Trackman App and to take your qualifying shot! Find your place within the global leaderboard.

Oneder Shot Golf

Oneder Shot Golf Competition app by Instant Sponsor is a trailblazing platform that unites the allure of virtual golf with the thrill of real-world competition. With the chance to earn a spot at the grand finale for an incredible hole-in-one shot and a shot at the staggering $10 million USD prize pool, it promises an unforgettable experience for golfers worldwide

Available on Android and iOS, this app embodies the spirit of golf, bringing people together and inspiring greatness on and off the course.

Trackman - the Golf Simulator

TrackMan golf simulators have ushered in a new era of golf training and entertainment. Combining cutting-edge radar technology, realistic virtual courses, and extensive data analysis, TrackMan empowers golfers to understand their game like never before. It is an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to sharpen their skills and amateurs looking to enjoy an authentic golf experience indoors.


Qualifying Shots

$10/5 shots