6 Tips and Advice Golf Simulator Trackman Melbourne

About Golf

Golf remains an enduring symbol of elegance and sportsmanship, a pursuit that captivates the hearts of millions. Whether for leisurely enjoyment or competitive ambition, the game of golf continues to leave an indelible mark on those who take part in its splendid dance across the fairways and greens.

What is Golf?

Golf Simulator Trackman Melbourne by Oneder Shot – Experience

Golf simulators, such as TrackMan, have transformed golf practice by replicating real course experiences. In Melbourne, where access to golf courses might be limited due to various factors, TrackMan simulators offer an excellent alternative for golf enthusiasts. Here are six valuable tips for optimizing your experience with a TrackMan golf simulator in Melbourne:

  1. Master the Technology: Familiarize yourself with TrackMan’s functionalities. This technology utilizes radar to track the golf ball’s trajectory and provides detailed data on club and ball speeds, launch angles, and spin rates. Understanding this data will significantly enhance your practice sessions.

What is Virtual Golf?

  1. Focus on Technique Refinement: Use the simulator to refine your swing and overall technique. Analyze the TrackMan data to identify areas for improvement in your game. Experiment with different clubs and swing variations to gauge their impact on your ball flight, aiding in refining your technique.
  2. Experience Virtual Courses: Take advantage of the simulator’s capability to simulate famous golf courses virtually. Melbourne boasts iconic golf courses, and virtually playing them through TrackMan offers a realistic experience. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the course layout, strategize shots, and enhance your course management skills virtually.
  3. Set Clear Objectives: Establish specific goals for each practice session. Whether it’s enhancing driving distance, improving iron accuracy, or mastering challenging shots, having clear goals helps maintain focus and enables effective progress tracking.
  4. Leverage Coaching and Feedback: Consider working with a skilled golf instructor proficient in TrackMan technology. An experienced coach can analyze your swing data, offer valuable feedback, and suggest personalized drills or adjustments to elevate your game. Their guidance can expedite your improvement.
  5. Ensure Consistent Environment: Pay attention to your simulator setup. Maintain an environment that mimics ideal playing conditions, including proper lighting, comfortable temperature, and correct positioning of the simulator screen and hitting area. Consistency in your practice environment enhances accuracy and performance transfer.

While TrackMan simulators offer an exceptional platform for practice and improvement, they should complement actual on-course play. Strategically utilize simulator time to enhance skills and aim to apply those improvements during real rounds of golf. By incorporating these tips into your TrackMan practice sessions in Melbourne, you can maximize benefits and elevate your golfing abilities.

The Process

1. Buy a qualifying shot package from our website  or via the apps available on Android and Apple.
2. Login or Create a TrackMan Account and accept the invite to the event in my tournaments.
3. Scan your phone at the TrackMan sim venue to enter and hit your five qualifying shots, with your best shot going on the weekly and global leaderboard.
4.The weekly winners each month will compete for a cash prize in a 1 shot playoff.
5. Move up the Global leaderboard. You can qualify every week.
6. The Top 100 on the Global leader board at the cut off date then have a 1 shot playoff to make the top 50.
7. The top 50 will the have a 1 shot playoff to make the top 10 for the Miami Finals.

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How To Play

Download App

Participants downloads APP from iOS/Android

Buy Packages

Participants pay $10 for 5 shots and receive their Trackman tournament invite within 12 hours.

Take Qualifying Shots @ A Trackman Venue

Download the Trackman App and to take your qualifying shot! Find your place within the global leaderboard.

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Trackman - the Golf Simulator

TrackMan golf simulators have ushered in a new era of golf training and entertainment. Combining cutting-edge radar technology, realistic virtual courses, and extensive data analysis, TrackMan empowers golfers to understand their game like never before. It is an indispensable tool for professionals seeking to sharpen their skills and amateurs looking to enjoy an authentic golf experience indoors.


Qualifying Shots

$10/5 shots